OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Sleigh Ride for Two Swatch & Review

by - 28 October

I'm quite disappointed with OPI's holiday collection. Typically, this is the collection that excites me the most, but there were just too many freakin' reds! Anyway, here's one of the more interesting (at least to me) polishes from the collection.

2 coats

OPI Sleigh Ride for Two is a plum red with a fine red shimmer. I really like the finish - smooth and glowy. This applied quite nicely with no major issues.

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  1. This is my kinda red...but I know what you mean about the over-abundance of red, I mean c'mon now! They usually include a lot in their holiday offering, but it's a little ridiculous this year :(

  2. Totally. Here's hoping next year will be better!

  3. Gorgeous red! Reminds me a tad of Chanel's Rouge Moire

  4. I have that one! I think Sleigh Ride is a bit deeper, but I see the resemblance. :)