Gap Sunset Shimmer Swatch & Review

by - 02 November

3 coats

Gap Sunset Shimmer is a pinky peach packed with gold shimmer. I initially went into Gap for Bright Pool, but Sunset Shimmer look way more interesting to me. It's totally my kind of color! At first glance, it reminded me of Paul & Joe Beaute Splendor, but Splendor is more pink and has a subtler shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer's formula is just okay. It's a bit thick and prone to streaking, but it's definitely manageable.

Gap Sunset Shimmer retails for $6 and is available at Gap (go figure!)

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  1. Oh wow, that's really pretty on you. Maybe I'll have to drop by Gap sometime.

  2. Love shades like these, it looks great on you :).

  3. Pretty! This makes me think of a summer sunset :)

  4. Thank you! You totally should. I don't know if the sale's still going on, but the polishes we're BOGO free when I purchased this.