SpaRitual Illuminate Collection Improvisation Swatch & Review

by - 18 November

2 coats over Ameican Apparel Manhattan Beach

SpaRitual Improvisation is a sheer pink base with blue/purple flecked shimmer. These types of shades are always so difficult to photograph! I don't love it on me, but it's a very pretty polish. I swatched this over a coral base because I thought it would be as sheer as some of the others in the Illuminate collection, but I think this could be worn on it own in 3 coats. The formula is nice. No complaints on that front.

A small selection of SpaRituals, including Improvisation, is now available at Ulta. I believe the retail prices is $12, and you can use coupons on these.

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  1. Mmm not loving this one. The contrast between base shade and shimmer is a little weird or something!