My Deborah Lippmann Stash and Plans for a Swatchathon

by - 21 November

So, I've probably made it clear that Deborah Lippmann is my favorite polish brand. I have a habit of buying everything she releases, even if it's not a color I'd typically wear. Well, I decided to reorganize my stash and get rid of some colors that absolutely will not work for me, and this is what I was left with:

I know, it's kind o funny that this is how many I have left AFTER a purge. Of these 95, I've swatched roughly half. My goal for this Lippmann Swatchathon is to have them all swatched by the end of December. That means I'll be posting tons of DL and will sometimes post more than once a day if there's something else I'd like to share. I'm excited and think this will be a lot of fun. Hopefully I don't bore you all too much.

Wish me luck!

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